Turning Data into Profit

The amount of data available to businesses – from proprietary internal sources to public data from government agencies to social streams to user-generated data and more – continues to grow at a rapid pace. Dozens of powerful new tools are now available to help companies manage all of this “big data.”

Turning Data into Profit

May 20, 2016

Fulcrum Analytics: at the forefront of Data Science
The amount of data available to businesses – from proprietary internal sources to public data from government agencies to social streams to user-generated data and more – continues to grow at a rapid pace. Dozens of powerful new tools are now available to help companies manage all of this “big data.”  There’s tremendous potential to capitalize on all of this, but without the right expertise across analytics and technology – and without the right structure and process – how can enterprises keep up with the pace of change to drive value from these data assets?

For more than 20 years, Fulcrum has been at the forefront of advanced data analytics, implementing solutions that have unlocked multi-million dollar opportunities for the world’s top companies. We bring together the best data scientists and top engineers at the cutting-edge of big data technology. Our unique process helps companies turn raw data into action – we work side by side with each client to understand their business and data assets and collaborate to deliver results that drive real profit.

Challenge us with your hardest data problems
Fulcrum chooses to focus on the most challenging data problems – those that can’t be solved with out-of-the-box software or trusted to commodity analytics firms.  And when your mission is to focus on the hardest problems, your team needs to be the best in the world. We recruit, train, and retain world-class data scientists, business analysts, and engineers. Our team includes PhDs in statistics and economics from top universities, and many have been recognized in their field. But it’s not about academic credentials or narrow expertise, it’s critical that our team members also understand the pieces around them—the tech team must be well versed in analytics, the data scientists must understand what’s available with modern technology, and everyone needs to be up to speed on our client’s business. We work with global leaders in financial services, retail, manufacturing, and health care – and while we’ve developed expertise in each vertical we serve, we also provide great value by bringing perspectives, techniques, and learning from other industries. We help our clients innovate in their own industry, in part by bringing them ideas that are already working in other sectors.

Analytics does not exist in a vacuum
Data analytics isn’t a stand-alone math problem – it is deeply intertwined with the business and technology environment.

  • In the business dimension, our approach begins even before the analysis—we gather requirements and developing a deep understanding of the business problem, current workflow, existing data assets, and the levers to affect change. This leads to the proper selection of analytical methodology and scope. After the analysis, we communicate insights, estimate the impact our work, and evangelize the changes required to realize that impact.
  • The technical dimension requires upfront work in data management, data transformation, platform selection, and build out. We then integrate our solutions with customer touch points and software systems in order to actually effect change. The final application is designed for continuous test-and-learn, so that it constantly improves and develops over time.

A unique, business-focused process
Our engagements are consultative, iterative, and collaborative to bring the best, most appropriate analytical tools to bear on the right business problems.

  • Data assessment
    The process starts with an assessment of your data assets. Throughout our 20+ years in business, we’ve seen it all when it comes to data and understand not only what you have, but also what you don’t have—so we can identify data gaps and determine the right ways to fill those gaps.
  • Augmentation and integration
    We work with public data sets such as weather data, macroeconomic data, social media streams, and data APIs from the most popular platforms for ad-serving, click-stream, email delivery, marketing and sales force automation, and more. Often there are interesting opportunities to augment your data with third-party and public sources to create new insights.
  • Analytics methods aligned with business objectives
    Analytics works best when modelers understand business objectives. We work closely with business end-users to understand unique challenges and goals. Our statisticians are up-to-date on the latest techniques in data science and always focus on using the right methods for the job at hand.
  • Enterprise applications
    Our technical capabilities exist to support the data science. Our data engineers help our clients bring together disparate enterprise data sources and make them available for analysis. Our developers work hand in hand with client IT teams to deploy the resulting models and decision engines—all to ensure that the analytical insights drive real-world actions and deliver on their potential.
  • Continuous learning
    Our applications are set to collect information as well as provide it—creating a feedback loop to constantly improve the results. This allows us to continuously test and iterate at the same pace as today’s leading digital companies.

Working with Fulcrum
We help our clients improve the way they do analytics and data science: accelerating their pace of innovation, helping them transition to a true test-and-learn organization that embraces experimentation, developing their data science capabilities, and helping them organize for success in this fast-moving area. We contribute to our clients’ progress in their journey towards being data-driven enterprises.  There’s truly tremendous value in your data assets—let’s work together to unlock it with cutting-edge analytics and a business-centric approach.

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