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Within the field of insurance, correct and timely unlocking the patterns of claims data is key to maximizing business value. We’ve collaborated with insurance clients on initiatives such as:

  • Claims analysis including fraud detection modeling programs
  • Natural language processing of adjustor’s notes for improved claims processing
  • Building and implementing pricing models
  • Analysis of IoT impacts on insurance policy claims 
  • Building and implementing price setting tools


ClearGrade provides an intuitive and collaborative environment to take out human error, increase transparency, and speed up the time involved with pricing insurance policy renewals. ClearGrade combines the best of data visualization and price modeling in an easy to use web-based platform.

Person with different LOB icons surrounding them

Insurance policy renewal summary view at the book and client level across all Policies and LOB's

Magnifying glass over several documents

Scenarios planning tools allow Underwriters to explore impacts of policy term and pricing adjustment on P&L

Spreadsheet icons connected by a circular arrow

Actuarial inputs are clearly provided throughout the interface, greatly reducing labor hours


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