Retail building

From brick and mortar to ecommerce, we know that while each retailer is unique in some way, the underlying business model for retailers is fairly consistent. Retailers rely on Fulcrum to optimize pricing and promotion decisions and create a more profitable business through:

  • Promotion impact analysis
  • Data driven customer acquisition insights
  • Matched control design/implementation 
  • Website tagging and tracking
  • Customer segmentation solutions


RetailViewer is a web-based platform that automates ad-hoc analysis and provides a holistic view of retailer performance. It allows retailers to quickly and easily compare pricing strategies, track promotion effects over time, and determine optimal pricing based on a variety of customizable objectives.

magnifying glass with multiple graphs aggregating in it's center

Generates detailed insights across all products and promotions more quickly and with greater accuracy

two magnifying glasses showing overlapping sections of a line graph

Summarizes sales and profit data for each product over any date range - get transparency into pricing impacts

information in a magnifying glass segmenting out into three smaller magnifying glasses

Provide promotional decisions quickly to increase penetration and minimize unnecessary discounts


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Fulcrum creates apps that put your data to work and make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your business. Fulcrum can host these apps for you, or build the apps for you within your own environment. In all cases, the applications we build have the same goal: to put the power of data at your fingertips for better business decision making.