Google vs. Matomo vs. Divolte

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A Comparison of Open Source Website Analytics Platforms


There are many valuable reasons for tracking website data, which include understanding the appeal and clarity of website content, funneling traffic to specific calls to action, tracking campaign response, measuring engagement among existing customers, identifying geographic reach, and so much more.  From the simplest website to complex sites with application forms and transactional elements, website tracking and the associated tagging and reporting should be a tool used by every organization.

For companies who are not yet fully tracking website behavior with reporting metrics, or who are at the earliest stages of adoption, there can be many questions.  Chief among these questions is often which software should be deployed?

Fulcrum has been exploring the differences between solutions for website tagging and tracking, and in this whitepaper, we share the comparisons of three free platforms:  Google Analytics, Matomo, and Divolte Collector.