Data Science

Build On Your Existing Data Capabilities Through A Consulting Partnership

Our Data Science Acceleration Team (DSAT) 2.5 is great for any business looking to ramp up their data capabilities. A DSAT 2.5 package comes equipped with a team of interchangeable specialists fitted to your needs. To optimize your engagement outcomes, a mix of data scientists, engineers, developers and the project lead will work the equivalent of two and a half full time resources. Whether you are a small startup with no data science team or a multi-billion dollar financial institution with more projects than the bandwidth you have to support, DSAT 2.5 can help move you forward.

Easy & Fast

Get started ASAP. Just sign up for a team and we are sitting next to you, rolling up our sleeves, and making progress.


We know that your needs can change — specialists swap in and out as needed for different aspects of the solution.

Low Risk

Did we mention that you can try for 3 months at a discounted rate? No obligation and you can choose to terminate at anytime.

Domain Expertise

25+ years of experience in banking, insurance, and retail — giving us the right mix of skill and knowledge to tackle even the toughest problems.

We Work Across Industries


We’ve achieved big wins through text mining, fraud detection models, customized dashboard reporting, and predictive analytics.


We dig deep into their pricing insurance policy renewals through our intuitive and collaborative app ClearGrade.


We generate insights across products/promos, summarize sales and profit data, and maximize profits.

Financial Services

We’ve solved the toughest business problems through methods such as predictive model building and dashboard implementation.


We help clients put valuable assets to work to improve pricing, promotion, and B2C communications to increase profitability.

We provide our clients with

Strategy development

Data assessment

Data augmentation, integration, and maintenance

Predictive modeling and statistical inference

Supervised deep learning with neural networks

Generalized linear models

Machine learning modeling

Cluster analysis

Principal component analysis

Classification models

Data visualization

Time series modeling

Risk analytics

Loss driver analysis

Unstructured data mining

Big data programming

Data anomaly detection

Management dashboards

Recommendation systems

Website analytics