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an Automated, collaborative, and transparent approach to insurance policy renewal

An automated solution that will provide an intuitive and collaborative environment to take out human error, increase transparency, and speed up the time involved with pricing insurance policy renewals. ClearGrade combines the best of data visualization and price modeling in an easy to use web-based platform.

ClearGrade is flexible – it can be hosted on the Fulcrum private cloud or on-premises depending on an organization’s preference.

Summary View

Insurance policy renewal summary view at the book and client level across all Policies and LOB’s.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning tools allow Underwriters to explore impacts of policy term and pricing adjustment on P&L.

Actuarial Inputs

Actuarial inputs are clearly provided throughout the interface, greatly reducing labor-hours.


  • ClearGrade allows you to drill down all the way from book to policy level, not only for price grading, but for the factors that make up the price grade as well
  • It provides scenario planning tools to explore how any adjustment on a policy’s terms or price would impact the accounts’ P&L
  • It allows benchmarking with similar policies to provide additional context in order to support your decision to renew an account with a particular rate increase

Modelers and actuaries

  • Actuarial inputs are provided seamlessly through the user interface
  • The risk of human-caused error is minimized because the data preparation process is performed programmatically
  • The smooth data extract process reduces manual data inputs
  • Increased transparency within the risk scoring model and process allows for Underwriters to fully understand the suggested price grades.

The team behind Fulcrum Impact is a seasoned and dedicated mix of data scientists, engineers, and developers producing meaningful insights from complex data.

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