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Who We Are

Fulcrum is known for our 26 year history as a boutique data science consulting firm, but our success is built on a broader approach and vision. We collaborate with clients to accelerate their use of data and advanced analytics, build their organizational capacity for data-driven decision making, and push the frontiers of what’s possible within their organization.

Our Approach Consists of

Three Pillars

Full Stream Analytics

Upstream: We give attention to data collection, cleanliness, timeliness, and augmentation. Midstream: We factor in maintainability, explainability, and credibility. Downstream: We consider how insights are visualized, explained, measured, and integrated with operational systems to drive intelligent actions.

Fluid Roadmaps

We help develop tactical plans that align with, and inform, an organization’s strategic goals, identify and quantify the gaps between these goals and their capabilities and then prioritize and sequence opportunities based on these factors while maintaining the flexibility to pivot and adapt to changing needs over time.

Augmented Analytics Capacity

We expand organizational capacity by supplementing internal resources, skills and experience to provide rapid augmentation as needed while fostering internal growth of an organization’s data capabilities, knowledge, infrastructure, processes, and human capital through training and recruitment.

Meet the Leadership team

Richard Vermillion

Richard Vermillion has served as Fulcrum’s CEO since 2011, and was the company’s CTO from 1996 through 2011. In his former role, he was the chief architect of Fulcrum’s technology products and service offerings.

As the CEO, he led a management buy-out of Fulcrum in 2013 and built up Fulcrum’s modern data science and engineering capabilities. In 2015, he led the spin-out of After, Inc., the leading provider of warranty analytics solutions, and acted as After’s CEO until its successful sale in 2017. Now full-time at Fulcrum, Richard continues to contribute to the development of the company’s technology platform and to key client relationships.

Before joining Fulcrum, Richard worked for McKinsey & Co. He holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


Max Osse
CIO & EVP, Operations

Max Osse is the CIO & EVP overseeing Fulcrum’s technology operations and information security. Max is responsible for spurring innovation at Fulcrum, leveraging emerging technologies to keep Fulcrum running and growing as an enterprise and providing best-in-class service to clients. Max works as a technical advisor, assisting clients in making technology and architectural decisions. He also works as technical account manager on client engagements, helping to solve business problems and driving value with big data solutions on Fulcrum’s Anvil private cloud platform.

Max has worked at Kaplan Test Prep and has worked as a consultant for Pfizer and WNET-TV.

Max received a B.S. in Telecommunications from The University of Florida and a M.S. in Technology Management from Columbia University.


Tony Ojeda
VP, Data Science

Tony Ojeda joined Fulcrum as VP of Data Science in 2021 and plays a key role in leading data science accounts, projects, and staff as well as contributing to research and development.

Tony is an accomplished analytics executive with expertise in business process optimization and over 15 years of experience creating and implementing innovative data products. Throughout his career, he has supported strategic decision-making through data analysis, predictive modeling, and the development of data-driven solutions for clients in the retail, marketing, finance, and education industries.

Prior to joining Fulcrum, Tony was the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at District Data Labs and an author of two data science books (Practical Data Science Cookbook and Applied Text Analysis with Python). Tony holds a B.A. in Business and a M.S. in Finance from Florida International University as well as an M.B.A. from DePaul University.