Fulcrum Impact™

Business experiment evaluation made easier, faster, and more accurate.

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Many organizations implement business improvement experiments or “interventions” in order to reduce costs, increase revenue, or retain customers. Measuring the impact of interventions is crucial for any organization to make informed business decisions, which is why we’ve integrated the most difficult aspects of intervention evaluations into a semi-automated analysis application called Fulcrum Impact™.

Fulcrum Impact is a first-of-its-kind product that allows companies’ own data science teams access to make intervention measurement significantly more efficient, accurate, and repeatable. By providing a repository of code, analyses, and reporting templates, it enables disparate teams to effectively generate faster insights for better decision making.

Deploying Fulcrum Impact™ for the centralization and organization of evaluation processes makes life easier with:

No other solution in the marketplace provides the breadth of automation, model selection, and reporting sophistication built into Fulcrum Impact, which delivers its value via savings in time and cost:

Increases consistency with its repository for storing and reusing feature, analysis, and reporting configurations

Increases efficiency with automated, easy-to-use methodology modules, and is configured to easily refresh analyses as new data becomes available

Increases effectiveness with a pre-built reporting module that can compare saved analyses and exports seamlessly to PowerPoint, HTML, Excel, and Dashboards

Empowers organizations to check early and often for the emergence of intervention downsides, to manage risk, and make decisions faster


The team behind Fulcrum Impact is a seasoned and dedicated mix of data scientists, engineers, and developers producing meaningful insights from complex data.

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