Shocking Data Science Gaps in Industry-Leading Organizations

In today’s business environment, companies are increasingly using advanced analytics to drive actions that are backed by data. The changes in outcomes attributable to such actions are measured to calculate ROI and guide subsequent decisions. As such, almost every data science team within large healthcare, retail, and financial service organizations provides its team with business impact measurement tools to operationalize its analysis process.

However, our soon to be published survey of 50 industry leaders shows that only 6% have all the tools required for robust and informed decision making. Our survey revealed:

  • Only 36% utilize standardized report templates.
  • Just 33% have standardized analysis frameworks or processes.
  • Only 20% work from a centralized directory of completed analyses for comparison.
  • A mere 11% have some kind of analysis code repository.
Does your organization fall short in providing any of these core tools?

If you are looking to modernize your data science organization and enable your team with access to an analysis code repository, templated reports, standardized analysis frameworks, and/or cross-analysis comparison all in one easy-to-use packageFulcrum Impact is a first-of-its-kind, semi-automated platform that provides the solution. Impact makes the measurement of business decisions significantly more efficient, accurate, and repeatable. It allows users across teams to easily plug in data, select methodology, and specify metrics for more consistent, and rapid insights.

Be the leader in your industry and streamline the analysis process with standardized tools. Click here to learn more about how Fulcrum Impact can help you get 100% out of your business analysis efforts. Our expertise in healthcare, financial services, and retail brings you high value, high quality, industry specific solutions to meet your specific needs.