Assemble the System You Need for Cross-Team Automation, Model Selection, and Reporting Sophistication

When it comes to evaluating the impact of business decisions to the bottom line, there are a few common steps every analysis requires:

  • gather the right data; 
  • prepare the data properly for analysis; 
  • apply the right analytical methodology; 
  • present the findings in an actionable and accurate fashion

Often, this series of steps is easier said than done. Some organizations may be set up to get through one or more of these steps with ease but have challenges with other steps. To have such gaps is natural as a company continually progresses toward the ever-moving target of being a state of the art, data-driven organization.

We’ve created an application that brings time savings and consistency to the analytical evaluation process, Fulcrum Impact. Whether you have room for improvement in one or more of the critical steps needed for timely and accurate evaluation analyses, Fulcrum Impact has your back.

Different parts of Fulcrum Impact can be useful independently or together provide an end-to-end solution:

  • data feature repository acts like an easy to use manual, accessible by your whole team, where all the relevant data elements are assembled. Here, data features are defined and saved for easy future use – this brings consistency across analyses, guards against lost knowledge with employee turnover, and makes re-running an analysis much simpler. Additionally, it saves space since Impact doesn’t duplicate the data for every refresh. 
  • methodology selection function allows your data scientists to try out more than one methodology and compare the results. The selected methodology can then be configured and reused for subsequent analyses. Combined with the data feature repository, future analyses with the same type of data sources and methodology can be completed with a few clicks.
  • reporting module so that analysis outputs can be consistently formatted with common success metrics, quickly updated over time periods for comparisons, and easily exported in a number of formats (HTML, PPTX, etc.). 

Break out of the old, manual way of doing things. Make your evaluation process more operational and increase analysis throughput with Fulcrum Impact. To accelerate your business’ success through faster analytics insights, click here to get started.