How to Manage Your Team’s WFH Data Analysis Gap

One thing we’ve all learned in the last year is how to work without our colleagues being steps away. When it comes to data analysis, and specifically to measuring the impact of changes to the business, the physical distance between staff requires granting more trust and latitude down the organization, but this also introduces risks.

Within data science, it’s all too common for analyses to be constructed and reported in a different way from analyst to analyst, or from project to project. Yet even the smallest data or methodology inconsistencies can make it hard to compare results over time for the same business intervention or to compare the effects of different business interventions taken to meet the same goal, such as cost savings per customer. With the extra challenge of analytics teams working from remote locations, the need for a cohesive approach is more important than ever to facilitate fast and accurate business decisions.

Let us help you with Fulcrum Impact™, a semi-automated, customizable platform that features reusable data features and standardized data formatting all in one place. A configuration update in Fulcrum Impact means future analyses are consistently using the same updated data or code, reducing the potential for human error between analysts, so your team can work smarter not harder.

Fulcrum Impact also includes an easy to use reporting tool suite that, once set up the first time, creates standardized reporting templates with consistent formatting, and with one-click, a user can refresh and replicate previous analyses.

Getting consistency in your company’s analyses and reports can be fast-tracked with the high-value, low-cost Fulcrum Impact. To learn more about how Fulcrum Impact can bring more streamlining, quality control and systemization to your data science processes, click here to learn more.