Website Analytics

Evaluate, Plan For, And implement website analytics in the context of an overall data strategy

Fulcrum helps clients choose the right web analytics platform for their particular needs, design the site tagging strategy, and implement the tagging and dashboard reporting structure.

Analyze your website data in order to:

  • Optimize the customer experience online
  • Increase conversion to specific calls to action
  • Track campaign response ROI
  • Measure engagement among visitors
  • Understand geographic reach
  • Identify sources of web traffic
  • Pinpoint search terms that lead to site traffic
  • Visualize cross-channel customer interactions

While Fulcrum Analytics is software-agnostic, we have chosen to become an Agency Partner of Piwik PRO which enables us to perform installations of the highly secure and flexible Piwik PRO software with maximum support and insight at the lowest cost to clients.

Reasons we partnered with Piwik PRO:
  • GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA Compliance 
  • A Google Analytics alternative that’s less expensive than Adobe analytics
  • Quickly generated pre built and custom reports
  • Flexible dashboards to meet different needs
  • Visitor consent and opt-in options to control the level of trackable data
  • Hosting on-premises or in AWS or Azure cloud
  • Access to a full set of data without sampling