Fulcrum  RetailViewer™

RetailViewer is a web-based platform that automates ad-hoc analysis and provides a holistic view of retailer performance. It allows retailers to quickly and easily compare pricing strategies, track promotion effects over time, and determine optimal pricing based on a variety of customizable objectives.

Fast answers for retailers, with just a few mouse clicks, 24/7.

Generate detailed insights across all products and promotions more quickly and with greater accuracy

Summarize sales and profit data for each product over any date range - get transparency into pricing impacts

Provide promotional decisions quickly to increase penetration and minimize unnecessary discounts


RetailViewer drives decision-making:

  • Ingests daily line-item level transaction feeds
  • Ingests promotional history
  • Aggregates product, promotion, and profit data for comprehensive analysis
  • Customized to include product, store, channel, region, and customer dimensions
  • Calculates profitability at every price point
  • Analyzes sales and profit over historical date ranges
  • Provides product analysis in visual form and tables
  • Exports charts and data files from the web interface
  • Add-on: Circular Optimizer
  • Add-on: Segment Maximizer

Circular Optimizer™

The print circular remains an important part of grocery promotion strategy. Normally, its contents are often based on the previous years’ version without critical analysis, potentially leading to missed opportunities. The effectiveness of the sales flyer is further limited due to its lack of personalization across pricing zones and geographic markets.

Fulcrum’s Circular Optimizer is a feature that can be added onto RetailViewer that allows grocery retailers to build their weekly flyer using automated product-specific analysis, and to customize versions of a circular by market or store segment.

Line graph showing different trends, one higher than the other

Predicts forecasted sales revenue and quantity for each ad based on the promotion price


Calculates the number of households each ad appeals to, based on purchase history, as well as the incremental household appeal given the others ads in the circular

price tag

Provides informed analytical insights to minimize the incidents of discounting items that do not benefit from promotion to maximize revenue

group of blocks

Segment Maximizer™

To maximize the effectiveness of grocery marketing tactics, analysis should be performed using a segmentation of customer households/loyalty cards. Fulcrum can create a data-driven segmentation for refined marketing tactics or integrate the data and code for a retailer’s own or pre-existing segmentation. The same approach can be used for segmenting stores as well.

shopping bag

Identifies the impact of a promotion on each customer segment to determine whose trip frequency and basket size grew or shrunk


Tracks changes to the buying behaviors of specific segments over time to better inform strategies for growth or win-back

price tag

Forecasts segment-level trip and sales impacts of promoting certain products

Fulcrum creates apps that put your data to work and make a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your business. Fulcrum can host these apps for you, or build the apps for you within your own environment. In all cases, the applications we build have the same goal: to put the power of data at your fingertips for better business decision making.