How to Improve Repeatability and Consistency Among Business Intervention Analyses

When the time comes to measure the impact of innovative business interventions, timely results are critical to ensure effective business decision making. Depending on whether there is a reusable process in place, this type of analysis can prove to be very customized, complex and time consuming.

Fulcrum Analytics, trusted by leading financial services, retail, and healthcare companies for its data science consulting expertise, has innovated the process of measuring the impact of business interventions with Fulcrum Impact™, a first-of-its-kind installable platform to make intervention analysis more repeatable and consistent. It allows companies’ own data science teams to quickly make intervention measurement significantly more efficient and accurate with analysis elements that can be tracked, customized, and reused in the future across the organization. The result: faster insights for better decision making. 

  • Is gathering data from disparate sources a pain?
    With Fulcrum Impact, once the data integrations are set up the first time, everyone can use it for every analysis going forward.
  • Does each data scientist build code from scratch to prepare and process the data, even with a standardized framework or process?
    Fulcrum Impact stores the feature and attribute definitions and formats for consistent reuse across all analyses and team members.    
  • Does it take days or weeks to generate a report in Excel or PowerPoint after the analyses are completed?
    Fulcrum Impact generates templated and professional reports in various formats with zero copying and pasting for streamlined analysis.
  • Is it tedious to onboard new team members to a project?
    Fulcrum Impact automatically stores analyses and reports metadata for fast knowledge transfer and a cohesive company-wide measurement practice.

To quickly improve the level of repeatability and consistency to your company’s intervention measurement operation, modernize with Fulcrum Impact. Click here to learn more.